A little bit about myself. I live in a small town in Sweden, is married and I have two grown up children. One of my interests are dogs...   

I got my first dog in 1968, that was a long-hair dachshund who got the name Truls. When I moved and got my own household he had to stay with my parents. He lived on to be 15 years old so my parents had him around for a long time.   


In 1976, my husband and I bought our first dog together and this time we chose an German Shepherd female who got the name Cilla. Two years later, another German Shepherd entered our house. This time a male who was named Boogie. Unfortunately he only lived till he was 6 months old. In 1980 our third German Shepherd come to live with us, a male this time also. He got the name Ciller and lived until he got sick and had to end his life 12 years old. Ciller was bred in 1987 and from that litter we kept a puppy who we named Cid, he died in 1997.  
Cid Ciller

In 2000 a new dog entered our house. This time a Golden Retriever who we named Dusty but his real name is Dewmist Starlit Sky. He is a wonderful golden retriever male!! For a couple of months ago, he was joined by another Golden Retriever, a girl called Caddie. Her real name is Dewmist Starcadia. She was born in 2002 so she is still a young puppy!


Above my two children Stefan and Michael, their cousin Maria and Cilla and Ciller.




AnnBritt Lavestedt
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